Our passion for electric motors started in 1977. The Company is specialized in the production of single phase, three phase and special asynchronous motors. From that time, anyway, many things have changed.

During the last years, the Company grew up, becoming a big group. Today Cima has more than 60 employees and covers an area of about 14000 m2 of which more than 9000 m2 dedicated to the production.

Thanks to very modern, and in some case even patented machineries and solutions, we are manufacturing every day, up to 2000 motors. Every motor is controlled at the end of the production line to grant our customers maximum quality and stable performances.

Every CIMA branded motor is the result of the synergic work of many professional and high-specialized workers, with the aim to create a perfect product in all its parts. The precision, attention and commitment of all Cima workers together with more than 40 years of experience are the ingredients that allow Cima to propose to its customers the right motors for their machine, granting at the same time durable and very stable performances.

Tailored design and execution

Top of technology

Quality of every item

Care about the details

Our mission

Italian product

Our group philosophy is: real made in Italy. Respect of the health and safety of the workers as well as of the environment.


The use of advanced technology allow us to realize motors with better end better performances and lower energy consumption.

Energy saving

We do our best to reduce the energy waste and to improve the renewable energy use.

Customer care

We offer continuous support to our customers to help them getting the best performance from every motor.


All Cima electric motors comply with the CEE norms and requirements.

Process controls

We test our motors during all production phases, to grant top quality to our customers.

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