Our special motors

Our Technical department supports the customer with the design of new special motors both mechanically and electrically. Motors with not standard mechanical features:

Inside our well equipped testing room, we have the possibility to test our motors directly on the machines of our customers.

Motors with not standard mechanical features

  • special shafts according to drawing with several types of steel and inox
  • special shields and flanges even with nipple grease
  • extruded housings

Motors with not standard electrical features

  • all windings both single and three phase with feeding voltage rated to the existing voltages and frequencies. Furthermore we have a good experience on single phase motors double frequency 50/60 Hz, particularly required in Japan with voltage 100 and 220 Volt.
  • The dimensions of motors with not standardized powers, special working duties with environment temperatures also + 70°C and 50°C.

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