Generic features:

three phase motor IE2 - IE3

Special on demand implementations:


special voltageSpecial voltage and/or frequencies (volt 220-60Hz 5%), (VOLT 110-60Hz 5%), (Volt 100-50Hz 5%)
fulminiMulti-voltage and/frequency (Volt 230-50/60Hz 5%), (Volt 110/220-50Hz 5%)
fase ausiliaria avviamentoEngines with starting aid
different polesS2 - S3 - S6 services, special polarity (8 poles - 2/4 poles - 4/8 poles - 4/6 poles)
biphase windingBiphase winding for U-turn (inversione a U) --> Biphase winding: double sense of rotation
insulationClass H insulation for high temperature
moist environmentAdditional protection for wet environment
heatersAnti-condensation heaters, used with a still motor in cold and moist environment
bimetallic thermal protectionBimetallic thermal protection
thermistorPositive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor
platinum resistancePlatinum resistance, that changes according to the winding temperature


dust protectionDust protection and water jets from all directions
water jetsWater jets protection from all directions
water jetsPressure water jets protection from all directions
resinSpecial resin that fills the empty spaces inside the motor
storm drainDrain holes to avoid condensation
rain shieldRain shield for external use
inoxInox screws
paintingExternal painting using RAL color


fan-less motorFan-less motor IC 418
alluminium fanAlluminium fan
side terminal boardSide terminal board
double ended shaftDouble ended shaft
special design shaftSpecial design shaft
NDE side Hexagonal socketNDE side Hexagonal socket
automatic lubricatorAutomatic lubricator
bearings for high/low temperaturesBearings for high/low temperatures
albero in acciaioSpecific stainless steel shaft and/or special treatments
flangesFlanges for special coupling


dc brakeDC brake
ac brakeAC brake
manual release brakeManual release brake
inverterMotor for inverter use
cooling axialCooling axial fan IC 416
pulleyPulley based on customer's request
Power cord with rangesPower cord with different and special finishing
plugPlug type: A, B, C, D, F+E, G, H, I, J, K, L, CE
bipolar switchBipolar switch 0/1 semi-finished ( bipolare 0/1 semilavorativo) cosa vuol dire?, tripolar invertor 0/1/2 semi-rotative
rocker switchBipolar toggle switch On/Off lightened - IP66
invertitore tripolareTripolar start toggle switch 0/1/2 - IP66, switch with minimum voltage coil
kitKit with switch, CE plug and emergency kit


ATEXATEX Certification
ULDeclaration of conformity for the American and Canadian markets
GOSTDeclaration of conformity for the Custom Union Russia - Ucraina - Kazakistan
SASOSASO Certification

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